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Income Producing Properties
The Solution Group is a vertically integrated company which identified a unique opportunity within the US housing market and developed a unique program to take advantage of it, particularly in South Florida. TSG´s Income Producing Properties are real estate assets with highly significant added value: With a defined price, under lease, renovated, free of liens and contingencies, generating high income from the day of closing. The properties are located in the tri-county area and price PSF is currently at $135.
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Property Management
TSG Property Management consists of a team of professionals each dedicated to a unique aspect of managing properties. From coordination of utilities, tenant relations, leasing, accounting, maintenance, renovations and construction TSG Property Management handles it all for a flat monthly fee. TSG Property Management counts on a diverse group of people ready to handle any issue that might come up with your property round the clock.
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TSG Paragon Development
TSG Paragon Development is a joint venture formed in 2012 between The Solution Group and Paragon Group of South Florida with the vision of developing exceptional mid-range priced residential multi-family projects in middle class and upper middle class neighborhoods of South Florida. In February 2013 TSG Paragon Development officially launched its premier brand of new living, cassa, engaging ModernLiving as its focus. This family of new residential developments features cassa Georgetown and cassa Brickell (on the left image) for the time being. Meet the innovative thinking in real estate.
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TSG Europe
TSG Europe is an exclusive subsidiary of The Solution Group. Headquartered in London, England, it coordinates sales of Florida real estate throughout all of Europe. Its network of real estate agents specializes in international sales. Through market knowledge and detailed analysis of the sales and rental trends, our clients are assisted to maximize their return on investments in the South Florida real estate market.
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June 12, 2015   Sept. 15, 2015  
OFIZZINA office condo project leveraging hot Coral Gables real estate sector.   Landmark 80-unit urban masterpiece projected to be completed two months early  
Design District 4100 N Miami Ave (entrance through rear of building)
Miami, FL 33127
Phone. 305.438.1259 - Fax. 305.438.1289
Email. info@thesolutiongroup.net